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Bearded Dragon
(Lizard) (Bearded Dragon)
The bearded dragon is probably the most popular pet lizard by virtue of it having more of a personality than most other lizards. Beardies are widely captive bred and their care requirements are easily established given the right information. Beardies come from very hot regions of Australia and like it hot. Beardies eat insects and plant material and are usually very hardy feeders.
Iguanas have been common in the pet trade for a long time. They require a plant based diet making them attractive to those not wanting to deal with feeder insects or other animals. While small they are quite attractive and inexpensive which leads many people to buy them without thinking through just how large and animal this will become. While Iguanas come in Red, Green and Blue color descriptions, their colors derived from selective breeding and thus are classified as Green Iguanas.