Small Breed Rescue of Southern California

Adoption Details For Teddy!

Type Turtle
Primary Breed Box Turtle
Secondary Breed
Name Teddy
Gender Male
Spayed / Neutered No
Primary Color Brown
Secondary Color
Age 9 Year(s) 7 Month(s) Old
Weight 0 lbs. 0 oz.
Hi! My name is Teddy! I'm miniature but mighty!

I was brought into the shelter as a stray and then transferred into rescue. I’m a fairly typical turtle, casual but curious.

So a little bit about me, I'm an omnivore and while I love the outdoors, I need to live inside. California is not my native habitat so my environment needs to be managed and maintained. Having a safe humid indoor enclosure is a must but also having access to fresh air, lots of exploring space, and a place to workout is great too!

I do have to mention that I am a very picky eater but my foster mom can help to let you know what she has learned about my likes and dislikes.

If you think we may be a good match, or you would like to get to know me better, please click the Adoption Application button below and you will be contacted to set up a date!

Animal Care Reference Material:

Ornate box turtles have one of the largest natural ranges of any box turtle species – occupying nearly all of the American Midwest. Adult ornate box turtles are typically between 5 to 7 inches in length, with most ornate box turtles topping out around 6 inches. Box turtles, in general, have been recorded to live as long as 100 years, with most living between 40 and 60 years. The records for ornate box turtle longevity indicate animals living as long as 32 to 37 years. However, the longevity for box turtles is largely dependent on their diet, habitat, the cleanliness of their enclosure and stress.