Small Breed Rescue of Southern California

Adoption Details For Emily!

Type Dog
Primary Breed Dachshund
Secondary Breed Chihuahua
Name Emily
Gender Female
Spayed / Neutered Yes
Primary Color Fawn
Secondary Color
Age 7 Year(s) 7 Month(s) Old
Weight 7 lbs. 4 oz.

Hi! My name is Emily.

I was brought into the shelter as emergency boarding. I was rescued from a hoarding situation. Typically a hoarding situations is simply a case of someone wanting to do right and save us all but they got in over their head and couldn’t take care of us properly.

Because I was living with so many other dogs and only one person, I have great dog to dog skills but my dog to people skills are lacking. When I was brought in I was very scared so I was transferred to the rescue to help me with my shyness so that I could find my new forever home. And boy has my personality really started to shine!

Fun Fact!!! It took me awhile to learn what toys were but now I love love love them!

So because of my initial experiences, when I first meet new people I am bashful, shy, and a bit scared but if you have a dog with you I warm up quickly if they like me!

It takes me a little bit of time to become comfortable with new situations but I am getting better with each new encounter. Once I am comfortable lookout! I become happy-go-lucky, carefree, engaging, adaptive, and cheerful! What I am trying to say is I am looking for someone who will be patient with me and will help others be patient with me too until I know I am safe!

Some things will take me longer to get used to and some habits may never change. For example, while I will let you pick me up, and I really want you to, I am still very uncomfortable and stiff when this happens.

Another is that I will need to have my own eating area, at least to start, because I am used to stealing my food from others to keep my belly full. I am an opportunist when it comes to food, though I am well fed now I am still fearful of not getting enough, so if it’s in my reach I will eat it and eat it fast! I won’t even check to see what it is, I’ll just gobble it down. You will want to make sure I can’t get on tables or counters too!

Because I am still learning how to live and interact with people, I need to go to a home with another dog that can help me to feel comfortable and show me the ropes. They will need to be like me in terms of energy, play, and understanding. I love playgroups but sometimes I have trouble controlling my excitement and impulses and I have a tendency to be a bit pushy and can play a little rough. I just get so excited I don't realize I am knocking others over :) Some don’t take kindly to that so I need a buddy who knows it’s just play.

Oh and one more thing, due to my size and shy personality, I would do best in a home with no children. I am far to skittish and flighty to live with them.

IF you can be patient and help me with my few insecurities, I can be the best pup you have ever known! I'm loyal, and loving, and full of life when I feel safe and secure.

If you think we may be a good match, or you would like to get to know me better, please click the Adoption Application button below and you will be contacted by one of the adoption counselors!