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Bearded Dragon

Bearded Dragon Adoption Requirements

We require that all potential adopters first assemble an appropriate enclosure along with some basic care items to ensure you will be successful. Once you have assembled everything and it is ready for the dragon, we will review your setup, make any suggestions if needed, and finalize the adoption. 

Basics components of a complete setup:


  • We require our adopters to have at least a 40 gallon enclosure to provide enough room for a hot and cold side. It needs to maximize on available floor space over height as dragons are terrestrial, not arboreal.
  • It can be top opening or front opening but we highly recommend front opening so you don't have to work around the lights to get in and bearded dragons can be nervous when approached from above.
  • It can be glass, pvc, or melamine. We prefer glass with a screen top to ensure adequate ventilation and provide a protective barrier between the hot lights and your dragon. Internal lighting will require additional protection added and consume valuable internal space.

Our Minimum Recommendation: Thrive Front Double Door Opening Terrarium Desert Essentials Kit - 40 Gallon