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Bearded Dragon

Bearded Dragon Adoption Requirements

We require that all potential adopters first assemble an appropriate enclosure along with some basic care items to ensure you will be successful. Once you have assembled everything and it is ready for the dragon, we will review your setup, make any suggestions if needed, and finalize the adoption. 

Basics of a complete setup

  • 40+ Gallon Front Opening Enclosure
  • Infrared, UVA, and UVB Lighting on a Timer
  • Over or Undertank Heating on a Thermostat
  • Substrate
  • Hide, Basking Feature, Food/Water Bowls
  • Dechlorinator, Optional UVB Meter

Enclosure Types

We discourage using slide top enclosures with Bearded Dragons. The do not like to be aproached from above to be picked up, and the hot lighting/heating tends to burn your hands and the edge of the enclosure when you open the top. It ends up being very inconvenient.


(minimum recommendation)

40+ Gallon glass front opening enclosures measure around 36"x18"x18" and are some of the most readily available and easiest to set up. They can be found at online and most major pet stores under the brands ZooMed, Thrive, ExoTerra, Carolina Custom, ReptiZoo and more. The top screen allows for adequate ventillation and promotes a good thermal gradiant. The Thrive screen is very dense so stronger lighting is required. Glass has the benifit of being easy to clean/steralize however it does not hold heat very well. If the top screen is transparent enough, the use of 26 watt compact flourescent bulbs may be possible. If the ambient night time temperature gets cold you may want to consider a PVC enclosure. Prices vary from $175-$350.

*Note: Thrive enclosures have the strongest screen top which is great if you have cats but they will require stronger lighting to penetrate the screen.