Small Breed Rescue of Southern California

Adoption Details For Mia, bonded to Max!

Type Dog
Primary Breed Chihuahua
Secondary Breed
Name Mia, bonded to Max
Gender Female
Spayed / Neutered Yes
Primary Color Black
Secondary Color Cream
Age 8 Year(s) 3 Month(s) Old
Weight 7 lbs. 0 oz.
Hi! My name is Mia and I am bonded with my brother Max! I’m the Chihuahua and Max is the Maltese. We MUST be adopted together.

Sadly our owner passed away so we were taken to a shelter but they were very full. The staff felt it was best for us to go to the rescue where we are in a foster home and they can help us find the right forever home for us, together!

Don’t let my grey fur fool you, I am quite spunky and confident, too. I take pride in being my brother’s eyes and ears. He depends on me and I adore him! I am incredibly bonded to him because I know when he needs assistance navigating his surroundings and I help him.

While we both usually go on walks together, I can go without him from time to time but I am always eager to get back to him, I worry when he is on his own. We are always together, touching and cuddling! And we both love to go on walks!

We are both good with respectful kids, other small dogs, and larger dogs. While we are both good with people we know, Max is a little nervous around strangers so he needs a little extra time to get to know new people. Remember, I can see you and hear you, Max can only smell and feel you.

While we do get along with others, due to our unique situation, we would do best in a home without young children.

We are also both potty-trained and crate trained so if you needed to leave us alone for a while, you can do so with confidence!

As older dogs, we will need to have regular medical checkups. We both have a slight heart murmur but nothing to worry about. We both just had our teeth cleaned and we came through that just fine!

If you think we may be a good match, or you would like to get to know us better, please click the Adoption Application button below and you will be contacted by an adoption counselor!

Due to home introductions that are part of the adoption process, we can only accept applications for interested parties who are in or near San Diego County, California at this time.