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12/20/2022 10:20:39 AM
5 Year(s) 5 Month(s) Old
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Hi! My name is Ginger after the 1960's TV show character Ginger Grant because I’m stunning in my ginger coat and I know it. While I may seem full of myself with an air of snootiness, my heart is genuine and I will work my magic on you with my puppy dog eyes.

A few of my family members and I came from a major hoarding situation so while I am friendly, I am also horribly bashful and a bit shy with new people. I am the most stand-offish of the group.

If left on my own or in a position to show other dogs who I am, I display a happy-go-lucky, carefree, engaging, adaptive, and cheerful attitude in a general situation, but I am still scared of humans.

I am looking for a female only home that has patience while I learn what it's like to be a normal dog that is part of a normal home so I can just be me. Men scare me and I have not accepted any that I have interacted with at all so far. I will let you pick me up (while I hide my face in a corner) if you come to me in a patient and slow manner.

Imagine if you will being an adult that is my size and for the first time you get to … go outside. Just the sheer vastness of never-ending space and scenery can be breathtaking but also overwhelming.

I have only recently learned what a yard is and what it means to potty outside, amazing by the way. I do try to put on a brave face and I will go where I am asked to go….eventually, but oh man, is it really hard sometimes to retain the brave persona. You will want to keep my harness and a leash on me while I adjust in your outside area.

I do well in puppy play groups with others that rea my size and playful. I do not do well with others who are dominant and I will need to be an only dog in the home. The only exception would be an older dog who could care less about me or getting attention. Sorry, but kids and I are not a good combination.

Something else that was new for me, going to the vet. The rescue has had all of my medical taken care of. That’s right! Though I was already spayed, I have since received all my shots, was dewormed, have a microchip, and had a dental done – that was the worst part for me, I lost a fair amount of teeth but now I am happy, healthy, and pain-free!

Overall, right now I am shy and a bit scared of new surroundings and people. You need to let me go at my own pace but if you do, I will soon be asking to be in your lap to cuddle in your neck and sleep.

What I’m trying to say is that, while I am still learning what freedom, independence, and being a confident, normal, content dog is, if I am in the right home with the right female peeps, I can and will be an amazing companion who will love and cherish every last pet, cuddle and treat I receive. Are you willing to take a chance on me?

If you think we may be a good match, or you would like to get to know me better, please click the Adoption Application button below and an adoption counselor will reach back out to you.

Due to home introductions that are part of the adoption process, we can only accept applications from interested parties who are in or near North County, San Diego, California at this time.

This animal is no longer available for adoption