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Tortoise Habitats - Our Adoption Requirements

Tortoise Housing Requirements

Most all reptiles require a variation of the same basic components to be healthy; Appropriately Sized Enclosure, UVB Lighting, Timer, Overhead or Underneath Heating, Thermostatic Controller, Substrate, Hide, and a Water Source. It is important to size these components appropriately to each other as well.

A small 13 watt compact fluorescent UVB light may work well on a 20 gallon terrarium where it is 6 inches from the reptile, but the same light would not work at all on a 40 gallon terrarium where it is 13 inches from the reptile and the UVB light will not reach. Conversely, a large 18"x18" under tank heater may work great on 40 gallon terrarium on the hot side but would cover the entire bottom of a 20 gallon terrarium providing no room for a cold side at all. 

When planning your enclosure, you should take into account not just the current size of your reptile but more importantly the adult size of your reptile or you may end up buying the entire setup twice or even more times as they grow in order to keep them healthy.

Below is a diagram covering the basic minimum components of your reptiles enclosure. We have provided links at the bottom of this page to help you locate and purchase these items often at a much lower price than what you might find at your local pet store.

Small Baby Tortoise Indoor Setup

Small Tortoise Outdoor Setup