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Rosy Boa

Rosy Boa - Care, Feeding, Habitat, and Handling

Rosy Boas are one of if not the best pet snake. They are unique in that they are a desert boa constrictor rather than the more popular jungle or rain forest variety. They have all the allure of a large boa constrictor but they remain a relatively small size by comparison reaching adult sizes between 2-4 feet. They are excellent feeders which take to frozen thawed rodents readily. But best of all they are very docile and generally easy to handle. They have a long lifespan of 20-30 years.


Due to the small size of this snake, a 25-40 gallon front opening enclosure that is more flat surface area than it is tall as these are ground dwelling snakes. An enclosure that is 36-48" wide by 18" deep and 12" tall is ideal in respect to space. This provides enough space to create a temperature gradient which is important to a snakes metabolism and overall health. This needs to be a very secure enclosure as even the smallest crack provides an opportunity for escape of these crafty contortionists. 


Aspen chips(never cedar) make a good substrate that is absorbent of urate and also lends well to spot cleaning. Flat shale rocks make a natural and eye pleasing addition that rosy boas will like to explore.